Best Glue On Corner Shower Shelf: The GoShelf System

In any shower, functional storage space is essential to avoid clutter and frustration – especially if the bathroom is used by several members of the household. If your shower leaves something to be desired in the way of storage, you may be exploring options for adding shelving. The GoShelf is a revolutionary glue on corner […]

Best Travertine Corner Shower Shelf: The GoShelf System

Fed up with having no good place to store your bath and body products in your shower? In a matter of just a couple hours, you can go from a shelfless shower to one equipped with a beautiful, sturdy GoShelf travertine corner shower shelf. This tan/cream colored stone is one of our most popular shelf […]

Installing Shower Shelf on Already Tiled Wall: The GoShelf System

Showers with built-in shelving are highly desirable. But sometimes, you face a situation where your shower was tiled without storage space being added in the process. Luckily, there’s a safe and effective method for installing shower shelf on already tiled wall: GoShelf! Let’s go into the easy four-step process for putting this system to work […]

Small Shower Organization Ideas: Optimizing Space with GoShelf

A compact shower can be a challenge, especially if several members of the household use it. Specifically, figuring out where to store everyone’s daily shower products can present a dilemma. Luckily, innovators have come up with some brilliant small shower organization ideas to solve this problem! For instance, experienced tile contractor Ian Stefenack created the […]

DIY Foot Rest for Shower: The GoShelf System

Whether in a townhome, a cottage or even a camper, showers are among the most frequently used living spaces. So, why not make them as convenient and well equipped as possible? With a GoShelf system, it’s simple to add everything you need for an optimized showering experience, from reliable storage shelving to a foot rest […]

Easy Install Bathroom Shower Shampoo Rack: The GoShelf System

Are you someone who likes to stay organized in every aspect of your life? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to extend this to your shower… But, so-called shower organization solutions often fall short of being reliable & aesthetically pleasing. That is, until the GoShelf system was created! Thanks to these inventive stone […]

Find a Shower Niche for Shaving Legs: The GoShelf System

Looking for versatile shower shelving that will enhance your bathroom’s functionality and beauty – not take away from it? The GoShelf system is a clear winner! Thoughtfully designed, these shower shelves get installed at the grout line, giving you freedom to create a splendid storage system without damaging the tile. They can even be used […]

Best Shampoo Bottle Holder for Shower: The GoShelf System

Whether your shower is used by multiple members of your household or you have it all to yourself, the importance of an effective shower organization system is not to be underestimated. If you’re seeking the best soap, body wash, conditioner and shampoo bottle holder for shower designs of all sorts, look no further than GoShelf. […]

What Is the Best Shower Holder? The GoShelf System

No matter how beautiful your shower is, it won’t be complete without functional storage space for all of your essential products. Installing a GoShelf system will give you boundless options for organizing your hair and body care must-haves. Today, we’ll highlight some of the key characteristics of GoShelf corner shower shelves, which come together to […]

Top-Rated Bathroom Shower Shelves: The GoShelf System

Looking for bathroom shower shelves that won’t let you down? Your search is over! Welcome to GoShelf – a highly customizable way to create your perfect DIY shelving system that’s beautiful, professional looking and functional. Today, we’ll share a few testimonials which showcase what makes GoShelf a top-of-the-line product to organize any shower. Top-Rated Bathroom […]