Get Inspired By Bathroom Shower Corner Shelves from GoShelf™

Ready for a bathroom makeover? DIY renovations can be tricky and time-consuming, especially in heavily tiled areas like bathrooms and kitchens. With GoShelf, there’s an easy way to give your powder room a fresh look—ditch the cheap-looking caddy and install bathroom shower corner shelves.  The GoShelf: Is a floating shelf, meaning there is no visible […]

How to Make a Corner Shelf Out of Tile: with GoShelf!

Having limited space where you get ready in the morning is tough, especially in your bathroom. Perhaps you’re adjusting to a smaller living space and you’re having trouble finding a spot for each item. Where do you put your favorite shampoo? Body wash, or razor? Thankfully you can get organized with GoShelf. In this article, […]

3 Simple, Easy Bathroom Tile Shelf Ideas You’ll Love

Organization is an important step to keeping a house in order, and the bathroom is one room that can easily end up disorganized if you’re not careful.  In order to help keep items in their place, you may be considering adding shelving to your bathroom. This guide contains three different ways that you can incorporate […]

Better Than a Recessed Shower Niche: The GoShelf System

There are as many ways to organize a shower as there are products to use while you’re in the shower. However, if you’re looking for something long-lasting, attractive, and practical, only a few options really stand out: a recessed shower niche, a GoShelf system, or a glued-on ceramic shelf. Only one of these options is […]

Building a Shower Shelf is Easy with GoShelf – Learn More

Shower shelves dramatically decrease the amount of clutter in your shower. With a shower shelf, you can neatly and attractively display your hygiene products. However, some individuals shy away from building a shower shelf. They’re afraid of damaging their tile and grout, installing the shelf incorrectly, or attempting to maneuver cumbersome specialty tools (like tile […]

Get Inspired! Built-In Shower Shelf Ideas with GoShelf

Thinking of installing a shower shelf? You’re not alone. Many homeowners enjoy the luxurious convenience and added storage of a built-in shelf.  If you’d like to add a shower shelf to your own bathroom, we’ve listed a few built-in shower shelf ideas below to help you maximize your space. Or, if you’re ready to tackle […]


GoShelf: The Small Bathroom Wall Shelf Solution

A small space doesn’t have to feel cramped or any less luxurious than a bigger room, as long as you know how to make the most of what you’ve got. Picking the right organizational tools and utilizing a floorplan that maximizes your square footage are keys to small bathroom living. One of the easiest fixes […]