Smart In Shower Storage Solutions: The GoShelf System

Without a doubt, having a beautiful shower makes your day-to-day life more enjoyable. But no matter how stunning, a shower without storage space isn’t of much practical use! If you’re in search of dependable in shower storage solutions for an already tiled shower, the GoShelf system delivers. Let’s talk about how. Smart In Shower Storage […]

Affordable & Easy Bathroom Updates: The GoShelf System

Is improving your bathroom still on your 2022 to-do list? When it comes to easy bathroom updates you can make yourself for just a few bucks, GoShelf is the top option! These simple-to-install stone shelves can help you organize your shower or any other corner of your bathroom with long-lasting success. Read on to learn […]

Fantastic Shower Soap Holder & More: The GoShelf System

On a day-to-day basis, the amount of time you spend in the shower might not seem significant. But, when you consider it over the course of your lifetime, it really adds up! So, why not make your shower as convenient and comfortable as possible? One simple thing you can do in pursuit of this goal […]

Need a Soap Dish for Shower? GoShelf to the Rescue

“Where do I put my bar of soap in the shower when I’m not using it?” This may seem like an issue that’s not deserving of much thought or attention. But, if you don’t have a functional soap dish for shower or another spot to store your soap and other necessities, it can easily become […]

Best Glue On Corner Shower Shelf: The GoShelf System

In any shower, functional storage space is essential to avoid clutter and frustration – especially if the bathroom is used by several members of the household. If your shower leaves something to be desired in the way of storage, you may be exploring options for adding shelving. The GoShelf is a revolutionary glue on corner […]

Best Travertine Corner Shower Shelf: The GoShelf System

Fed up with having no good place to store your bath and body products in your shower? In a matter of just a couple hours, you can go from a shelfless shower to one equipped with a beautiful, sturdy GoShelf travertine corner shower shelf. This tan/cream colored stone is one of our most popular shelf […]

Installing Shower Shelf on Already Tiled Wall: The GoShelf System

Showers with built-in shelving are highly desirable. But sometimes, you face a situation where your shower was tiled without storage space being added in the process. Luckily, there’s a safe and effective method for installing shower shelf on already tiled wall: GoShelf! Let’s go into the easy four-step process for putting this system to work […]

Small Shower Organization Ideas: Optimizing Space with GoShelf

A compact shower can be a challenge, especially if several members of the household use it. Specifically, figuring out where to store everyone’s daily shower products can present a dilemma. Luckily, innovators have come up with some brilliant small shower organization ideas to solve this problem! For instance, experienced tile contractor Ian Stefenack created the […]