Need a Shampoo Holder for Tiled Shower? GoShelf Is Quick and Easy

Shower storage presents a dilemma for many individuals, couples and families. If a tiled shower does not come with ample built-in space for everyone’s toiletries, the next logical step is to seek out a shower storage solution. Many people gravitate towards shower caddies because their installation does not require removal of existing shower tiles. But […]

DIY Shower Organizer Ideas for Any Shower – GoShelf

The shower is the obvious spot for storing shampoos, soaps, scrubs, razors, and more. Who wants to stock the shower before each use and then put everything away after? Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone who used the shower could store their accessories in there neatly and without crowding?  After spending several years as expert […]

How to Add a Shelf to a Shower Niche with GoShelf

Recessed shower niches are great until you have one that’s too tall to be functional without much shelf space. Thankfully, there’s a way to get more shelving in your shower niche with the GoShelf. Let’s look at how to add a shelf to a shower niche using GoShelf’s revolutionary, DIY corner shower shelf kit. Add […]

How to Install Tile Shower Accessories Shelves

Everybody needs a place in their shower to hold their soaps, shampoos, conditioners and the like. However, not everybody needs to settle for a cheap or rusty shower caddy hanging precariously from the shower head. Those looking for a bit more style may prefer tile shower accessories shelves to a caddy. The good news for […]

Stylish and Modern Shower Caddy Alternative from GoShelf™

Are you looking to install a modern shower caddy in your bathroom? Before you go searching online for a hanging or suction-cup mounted caddy, consider that you can find an easy, elegant and affordable alternative with GoShelf.  Modern Shower Caddy Alternative by GoShelf™ GoShelf™ is a system unlike any other. It’s an easy-to-install shower shelf […]

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