DIY Wall-Mounted Organizer for Shower: The GoShelf System

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had more space to keep your hair and body care products orderly and easy to access while showering? There’s no need to settle for a flimsy temporary storage product or a messy shower, thanks to the GoShelf system! The ideal organizer for shower designs of all sorts, the […]

The Best Corner Shower Caddy You Install Yourself: GoShelf

In showers of all styles and sizes, lack of storage is an all-too-common dilemma. This issue prompts many homeowners to go on a quest for the best corner shower caddy on the market. While store-bought shower caddies are notorious for sliding around and collecting rust, the GoShelf system puts these concerns to rest. These stone […]

Bathroom Shower Caddy Corner Solutions: GoShelf

In the face of frustrations over a shortage of shower storage, a common first instinct is to purchase a hanging shower caddy that either suctions to the wall or goes over the shower head. However, use of these products typically ends in disappointment, as they tend to rust or slide around. Luckily, there’s a far […]

DIY Shower Wall Niche Inserts: The GoShelf System

A recessed niche is undoubtedly a fabulous feature to have in your shower. But, that space can fill up fast. Luckily, there’s a simple way to optimize the functionality of your built-in shower storage. Using GoShelf shower wall niche inserts, you can create leveled shelving, thus increasing the amount of usable storage space in your […]

Tile Soap Dish: Corner Installation Is Easy to DIY: GoShelf

Are you in search of the most seamless and reliable solution to increase your shower storage space? Whether you’re looking to add a single tile soap dish corner shelf, or an entire system of multipurpose shelving, GoShelf is the ideal product for the job! Today, we’ll highlight what makes these ceramic shower shelves so versatile […]

Easy Stick-On Bathroom Shower Caddy: The GoShelf

Bathroom storage shouldn’t be complex – and yet, so many products on the market require considerable effort to install and maintain. If you’ve been on a mission to find an efficient, reliable bathroom shower caddy that won’t rust or fall down, your search is officially over! The GoShelf offers all the qualities you could ever […]

A Shower Caddy That Doesn’t Fall: The GoShelf System

When on a quest for more shower storage space, many homeowners try a self-adhesive corner shelf or a hanging caddy – only to be left frustrated as the flaws in these products come to light. If you’re eager to acquire a shower caddy that doesn’t fall down, collect rust or otherwise disappoint, allow us to […]