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Best In Shower Storage Solution: The GoShelf

Are you tired of having to store your daily toiletries in an inconvenient spot in your shower, or perhaps even having to take them in and out each time you’re ready to rejuvenate yourself? Our in shower storage system is here to change the game and drastically simplify your daily routine. Best In Shower Storage […]

GoShelf: Quick & Easy Shelving for Showers

Are you frustrated by a shortage of functional storage space in your shower? In the past, you may have found it puzzling to figure out how to remedy this issue. But, thanks to our ingenious permanent shelving for showers, this no longer has to be a dilemma! Continue reading to learn all about the perks […]

Need a Shower Soap Rack? Try GoShelf

While it may feel relatively minor, not having a good place to put your soap when you’re not using it in the shower can wear on you over time. Not only is it annoying; it can also create a slipping hazard if a bar of soap frequents your shower floor due to lack of effective […]

GoShelf Makes the Perfect Shower Shaving Step

If you’re someone who prefers to shave their legs in the shower, then you know that this can require a great feat of balance. Without something sturdy to prop your foot on, it can be downright dangerous. Luckily, we’ve created the GoShelf, a versatile solution that can function as a handy shower shaving step in […]

Upgrade Your Shower with a Floating Shower Shelf

Seeking a solution that will expand your shower storage space without looking tacky? Meet GoShelf, a professional yet DIYable “floating shower shelf” that will give you an attractive place to keep all your essentials, without reaching beyond the curtain or glass! Read on for the full scoop on why these innovative shelves are the leading […]

How To Install a Shelf in a Shower: The GoShelf Method

When it comes to the best method for “how to install a shelf in a shower” without removing any wall tiles or making a big mess, GoShelf is the obvious choice that stands out among all other possibilities. While other shower storage options come with pesky downfalls like rust marks, suction cup slippage or major […]

Shower Ledge Vs. Niche: Keep It Simple With GoShelf

Deciding between a shower ledge vs. niche as a means to increase the amount of storage space available in your already tiled shower? Allow us to propose an even better option: the GoShelf system. This solution is simple to install into the grout, in the corner and at the height of your choosing, without taking […]

GoShelf: An Easy Built In Soap Dish for Shower Corners

Looking for a way to add a built in soap dish for shower that doesn’t involve a complicated and messy renovation project? Your search is over now that you’re here and about to discover the GoShelf system! Capable of holding much more than just soap — from shampoo to razors to loofahs —, this handy […]

Get a Beautiful In-Shower Caddy from GoShelf

Eager to simultaneously beautify your shower and create more storage without a major renovation project? Adding a GoShelf — the world’s most thoughtfully designed in shower caddy that you can install yourself — is just the solution you’ve been searching for! Let’s get into the specifics of the process. Get a Beautiful In-Shower Caddy from […]

DIY Shower Inset Shelf: Easy Installation with GoShelf

Ever find yourself wondering if there’s a way to add storage to your already tiled shower, but without using one of those tacky, unfinished looking metal or plastic caddies? Tile professional Ian Stefenack set out to create this exact solution back in 2013. He drew on his 20+ years of experience to invent the GoShelf, […]