How to Install Floating Shelves Over Tile: The GoShelf System

These days, self care is more important than ever. And for many, the ultimate self-care routine includes pampering with a range of rejuvenating skin & body care products. If you prefer to have your full selection of scrubs, serums and soaks on display & within easy reach, floating shelves are a must-have to keep everything […]

Ceramic Corner Soap Dish for Tile Shower: The GoShelf

An in-shower soap dish provides a convenient spot to store your soap and other essential body care products. But, in practically no time, the average metal or plastic soap dish can get slimy, mildewy or even rusty. If you’re tired of continually scrubbing & replacing your soap dish, it’s time to upgrade to our durable, […]

Ceramic Corner Shelves for Shower: Beautiful, Professional, DIY

What makes an outstanding shower storage system? Sturdiness, dependability, style and ample space to fit one’s essential toiletries are all must-haves. While most products fall short in at least one of these categories, the GoShelf gets top marks in all of them! Let’s venture into the benefits of choosing these ceramic corner shelves for shower […]

Shower Corner Shelf After Tile: Professional & DIY-Friendly

Among shower storage systems, corner shelving stands out as the most professional looking, high-performing solution. So, why do some homeowners overlook this option? Many worry that installing shelving will require too much work, including removal of shower tile. Little do these folks know, there’s a way to add a sturdy shower corner shelf after tile […]

Do-It-Yourself Ceramic Tile Shower: The GoShelf Method

In just about any American household, shower storage space is at a premium. Whether you have an extensive collection of bath & body products, or you’re just looking to keep those everyday necessities organized & within easy reach, adding a GoShelf corner shower shelf can make a huge difference! This do-it-yourself ceramic tile shower storage […]

Shower Tile: Insert Shelf into Tile Grout DIY

Tired of running out of room to keep your toiletries organized in the shower? Built-in shelving will solve your shower storage woes efficiently and reliably – with the added bonus of providing a professional, finished look. But fear not – you definitely don’t need to be a professional in order to equip your shower with […]

Storage in Shower Ideas: Shelves, Shaving Pedestals & More

Without plentiful storage space for your everyday bath and body products, shower time can be stressful. After all, no one wants the hassle of taking their toiletries in & out every time they shower! While a shower caddy can help remedy a lack of storage space, this is by no means the most aesthetically appealing […]

Stick On Shower Shelf Alternative: The GoShelf Solution

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a spacious built-in shower niche, you’ll likely need to add supplemental storage to your shower – especially if it’s used by multiple members of your household. While an over-the-showerhead caddy or a stick on shower shelf may be passable for short-term storage, these products are not without their cons. […]

Bathroom Corner Shower Shelf Options: GoShelf System

Many homeowners face a lack of ample storage space in the shower. While various products on the market claim to remedy this issue, most do not offer an ideal solution. Metal shower caddies are bound to accumulate rust, and suction shower baskets tend to be flimsy and unreliable. If you are frustrated by these inferior […]