Thinking About a Shower Shampoo Niche? Keep it Simple with a GoShelf

shower shampoo niche

Ever find yourself wishing you had more space to store things in your shower? If your answer is “yes – often,” then it may be time to explore solutions. A shower shampoo niche is a commonly considered option, but the truth is that adding such a recessed cubby hole to your shower is an involved process. On the other hand, installing one or more stone corner shelves is simple and straightforward, thanks to the GoShelf system!

Thinking About a Shower Shampoo Niche? Keep it Simple with a GoShelf

When you’re short on storage in your shower, GoShelf can save the day – all in just a few hours, without a major renovation or risking damage to your shower. Here’s how it works:

  • You choose the shelf style & size that best suit your shower and meet your needs – We have three sizes and more than a dozen stone varieties to pick from! If you need some help deciding, feel free to request samples or ask our shower improvement experts for advice. 
  • Your GoShelf kit will come with everything you need to complete the DIY installation – You’ll receive detailed instructions along with the supplies, breaking down the easy four-step process to successfully install your corner shelf or shelves.
  • You can begin using your GoShelf system once the glue is dry – This should only take a few hours, after which you can start putting your modern shower ledge to good use for soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving supplies and more! 

For ultimate efficiency, you can even add loofah holders to one or more of your shelves, giving you a convenient and functional spot to hang up your skincare accessories to dry between uses. This handy add-on option comes in five different finishes.

Get Started On Enhancing Your Shower with GoShelf

Eager to browse our different shelf styles and learn more about why GoShelf beats out a shower shampoo niche in terms of installation ease and other features? Head over to our website now, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!