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Need a Shampoo Holder for Tiled Shower? GoShelf Is Quick and Easy

Shower storage presents a dilemma for many individuals, couples and families. If a tiled shower does not come with ample built-in space for everyone’s toiletries, the next logical step is to seek out a shower storage solution. Many people gravitate towards shower caddies because their installation does not require removal of existing shower tiles. But […]

Corner Bathroom Storage Made Easy: Introducing the GoShelf

Are you ready to organize your bathroom once and for all? Rather than relying on temporary solutions like suction cup shelving or hanging caddies, invest in a durable and permanent corner bathroom storage solution. The GoShelf is a gorgeous and thoughtfully designed stone shelf system that you install yourself. Want to learn more? Read on […]

The Corner Tile Shelf Perfect for Tile Contractors

While running his full-service contracting business for the last 20 years, Ian Stefeneck has installed a lot of corner tile shower shelves. For each corner tile shelf installation, his team had to cut into the wall slowly, taking care not to damage the cement board or break surrounding tiles. Installing these shelves added extra time […]

GoShelf™: Corner Shower Shelf That Looks Seamless

What’s the best way to improve the look, functionality and storage capacity of your shower stall or tub? Installing a gorgeous corner shower shelf or two, of course! Before GoShelf™, installing stone shelving that looks like it’s always been there was a messy, time-consuming job best left to the professionals. If a homeowner had their […]