Need a Shower Soap Rack? Try GoShelf

shower soap rack

While it may feel relatively minor, not having a good place to put your soap when you’re not using it in the shower can wear on you over time. Not only is it annoying; it can also create a slipping hazard if a bar of soap frequents your shower floor due to lack of effective storage. Allow us to present an attractive, long-lasting shower soap rack solution that you can add yourself and begin using in just a few hours: the GoShelf.

Need a Shower Soap Rack? Try GoShelf

If highly functional and attractive shower storage shelving has been on your wishlist, your quest to make it happen can officially end with GoShelf. Here are some of the key features that make these shelves the best out there:

  • Since they’re made of stone, these shelves won’t rust like metal, and they’re super easy to keep fresh with simple water, a gentle cleaner and a soft cloth.
  • You’ll install this corner shelf directly into the horizontal grout joints, meaning you won’t have to remove any tile or risk compromising the integrity of the wall.
  • Our seamless installation method also provides extreme stability for our shelves, so you won’t have to worry about them ever sliding out of place.
  • With an optional loofah holder accessory, the GoShelf can give you a place to store everything you could need in your shower — far beyond just soap!

Wondering if our shower soap rack is really as good as we’re making it sound? Here are some words of praise left for us by Nerely C. after putting our invention to the test:

“Great product! Easy to install and it looks great in my shower. It replaced my metal standing rack that always had to be replaced after it rusted. We love the stone and it looks better than my original shower shelf. Would definitely recommend this product to family and friends.” 

Good Looking, Practical Shower Storage with GoShelf 

Ready to improve your already tiled shower in the most efficient manner? It’s time to expand your storage with GoShelf! Start browsing our beautiful options now.