Best In Shower Storage Solution: The GoShelf

in shower storage

Are you tired of having to store your daily toiletries in an inconvenient spot in your shower, or perhaps even having to take them in and out each time you’re ready to rejuvenate yourself? Our in shower storage system is here to change the game and drastically simplify your daily routine.

Best In Shower Storage Solution: The GoShelf

Curious to learn more about the anatomy of a GoShelf and what makes these shelves the right answer to any shower lacking usable storage space? Here’s what you’ll find included in the kit you’ll receive from us:

  • A high-quality stone GoShelf channel, in your chosen size (7 inches, 8 inches or 9 inches) and design (17 beautiful options!)
  • Four plates to anchor the shelf channel into the wall, in the corner and at the horizontal grout joint of your choosing
  • A bottle of heavy-duty glue for securing the shelf in place
  • A razor blade for removing any excess glue 
  • A detailed instruction manual to guide you through each step of the process

If you’d like, you can add a loofah holder/drying station to your GoShelf to further enhance its functionality. These are available in chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, black and brushed gold styles, and they’re simple to install. We just recommend ordering this accessory at the same time, so we can provide a pre-drilled hole in the shelf.

Follow the GoShelf Method for Success

If you’ve been seeking the most effective and stylish in shower storage option, then you’ve come to the right place! The inventor of the GoShelf designed this system in such a way that the installation is super straightforward and doesn’t require taking any tile off, meaning that just about anyone can handle this shower improvement project.

For full installation instructions and to get started on customizing your GoShelf order, click over to our online store now. We also have a video tutorial available, in case this is helpful to you. Plus, we offer sample packs so you can preview what certain shelf styles will look like in your shower before ordering your full kit.