How To Install a Shelf in a Shower: The GoShelf Method

When it comes to the best method for “how to install a shelf in a shower without removing any wall tiles or making a big mess, GoShelf is the obvious choice that stands out among all other possibilities. While other shower storage options come with pesky downfalls like rust marks, suction cup slippage or major renovation work, putting in a GoShelf is simple, clean and effective. Let’s take a closer look at the perfected installation process.

How To Install a Shelf in a Shower: The GoShelf Method

  1. Measure twice – Set yourself up for success by taking care to precisely measure and mark the four spots where you’ll make small cuts into the grout for the four shelf anchoring plates.
  2. Cut once – Now, remove the grout as indicated, either using the handheld saw included in your GoShelf kit or your power tool of choice.
  3. Insert the plates – Add a small amount of glue to both sides of each plate and slide them into the slots you created, one by one. They should protrude about halfway out of the wall.
  4. Slide the shelf into place – Finally, it’s time to place glue on both sides of the GoShelf channel, line up the indentations in the shelf with the anchoring plates and push firmly to lock it into place.

Now, pat yourself on the back for a DIY job well done, and just allow a few hours for the glue to dry completely before placing toiletries on your new shelf.

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