GoShelf: Quick & Easy Shelving for Showers

shelving for showers

Are you frustrated by a shortage of functional storage space in your shower? In the past, you may have found it puzzling to figure out how to remedy this issue. But, thanks to our ingenious permanent shelving for showers, this no longer has to be a dilemma! Continue reading to learn all about the perks of installing a GoShelf system.

GoShelf: Quick & Easy Shelving for Showers

Have you been disappointed by temporary shower storage products that hang over the shower head or stick to the wall, only to collect rust, slide around or fall down? You’re definitely not alone. 

Just as many other DIY home improvers have done, it’s time to venture ahead to something better: the GoShelf. Here’s what makes this solution vastly superior:

  • This shelving for showers gets anchored into the wall at your chosen horizontal grout line, allowing you to add seamless, professional looking storage exactly where you want it.
  • All the tools you should need for this DIY project come included with the kit, along with in-depth instructions on how to complete the installation.
  • The GoShelf is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so there’s something to accentuate every shower design.
  •  The stone construction means it’s totally sturdy and won’t rust. We recommend installing at a slight pitch (learn how to do so in our how-to guide) to encourage the water to run right off. This way, your shelves will stay pristine with simple wiping dry with a soft cloth.

And that’s just the beginning of why GoShelf ranks #1 among shower shelves and all other storage systems. 

Delight in the GoShelf Experience 

If you’re eager to enhance both the look and functionality of your shower, the GoShelf awaits. Discover the many design options and land on your favorites on our user-friendly website. You can even order samples, if desired.

We’re proud to be a U.S.-based business committed to quality and customer care, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our product, how to order or how to put in your new GoShelf.