Upgrade Your Shower with a Floating Shower Shelf

Seeking a solution that will expand your shower storage space without looking tacky? Meet GoShelf, a professional yet DIYable “floating shower shelf” that will give you an attractive place to keep all your essentials, without reaching beyond the curtain or glass! Read on for the full scoop on why these innovative shelves are the leading option on the market.

floating shower shelf

Upgrade Your Shower with a Floating Shower Shelf

Why choose GoShelf to do so? Here’s the short list:

  • Unlike caddies and baskets, which are notorious for being an eyesore, these shelves will actually enhance the appearance of your shower — not take away from it! 
  • Our unique installation method featuring wall anchoring plates means there’s no visible support system, which is why we call it a floating shower shelf. As a result, it’ll look totally sleek and be out of your way, all while being able to support 200+ lbs.
  • Many of our customers say the GoShelf was just the finishing touch they needed to complete their shower. With a double-digit number of varieties to select from, we assure there’s a shelf style that will look like it was custom-made just for your bathroom.

…not to mention how easy it is to install these shelves in only a few steps!

Do It Yourself with GoShelf

Looking for your sign that it’s time to commit to making your shower storage upgrade dreams a reality? Check out this review from handywoman Amanda C., who tackled a GoShelf installation project nearly 100% on her own and only regretted not doing it earlier:

“The only thing my husband did was help pick out the color, so anyone can install these! Thanks for sending the samples so fast. It took me weeks to decide and then a few months to get the nerve to install the shelves once I had ordered. I wish I had found you sooner because it makes such a difference in our shower. Thank you!”

We absolutely love hearing these our GoShelf customer success stories, and we very much look forward to reading yours next!