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Looking for An In Shower Standing Shelf? The GoShelf System

Whether your shower is compact or spacious, one thing is for sure: You need functional storage space to keep your daily care products accessible and uncluttered. Maybe you’ve already tried a shower caddy or rack, only to be left frustrated by the inefficiency, instability or other issues like rust. The solution to solve it all […]

Top Bathroom Recessed Shelves Ideas: The GoShelf System

Is getting your shower organized one of your resolutions for 2022? This can seem daunting, especially if you have a large collection of bath and body products, but fear not – GoShelf is here to make the process a whole lot easier! When it comes to bathroom recessed shelves ideas, the GoShelf system is the […]

Shower Rack Keeps Falling? Check Out the GoShelf System

Among the biggest complaints about shower storage systems is that the shower rack keeps falling down. If you’ve experienced this headache with a caddy or other storage “solution” in your shower, then you know just how frustrating it can be. And surely, you’ll be thrilled to hear that there’s an infinitely better way to hold […]

Best Bathroom Shower Caddy Ideas: The GoShelf System

If you’re on the hunt for sleek, clever bathroom shower caddy ideas and inspiration, look no further than GoShelf! We’re here to share some of our favorite ways to use our sturdy, easy-to-install ceramic shower shelves. Best Bathroom Shower Caddy Ideas: The GoShelf System Multi-level bath & body product storage – Installing a vertical GoShelf […]

DIY Shower Insert Soap Holder: The GoShelf System

Are you low on functional storage space in your shower? Maybe you’ve tried products claiming to offer a fix, only to be disappointed when they don’t hold up. If you’ve had this frustrating, all-too-common experience, it’s time you heard about GoShelf. Whether you’re looking for a small-but-mighty shower insert soap holder shelf or a complete […]

GoShelf Experts Explain the Cost of Shower Niche

Incorporating a shower niche is a great way to add smart, professional looking storage to a new shower. So, it’s no wonder that many homeowners express curiosity about the cost of shower niche purchase/installation. As shower storage specialists, the pros at GoShelf know all about shower niches, including their perks and pitfalls. Today, we’re here […]

Easy Install Shower Accessories Corner Shelf: The GoShelf System

When it comes to the most practical and stylish shower accessories, corner shelf systems top the list! Particularly GoShelf stone corner shelves, a DIY-friendly system famed for being stunning, versatile, easy to clean and reliable, all at once. So you can see just how simple it is, let’s walk through the four-step process to install […]

Best Bathroom Corner Shelves: The GoShelf System

Are you looking for the best bathroom corner shelves that you can install yourself? Maybe your shower lacks built-in storage, or perhaps your collection of bath and body products has outgrown your storage system. Either way, the GoShelf system is your perfect solution! Today, we’ll tell you all about the qualities our GoShelf system offers […]

Best Small Marble Shelf for Showers: The GoShelf System

Marble offers an alluring, modern look for surfaces throughout the home. Being that this stone is both simply stunning and simple to maintain, it’s no wonder it’s an especially popular pick for shower shelves. If you’re seeking a small marble shelf that will add extra storage space and stylish flair to your bathroom, GoShelf has […]

Tile Shower Niche Ideas: The GoShelf System

Looking for stylish and clever ways to add more storage space to your shower? A quick Google search for tile shower niche ideas will return plenty of inspiration. From contrasting to coordinating recessed niche patterns, you’ll find a world of options for any shower design. But what if you want to complement an already installed […]