GoShelf: The Seamless Stone Shaving Pedestal for Any Shower

shaving pedestal

If you’re pregnant, have chronic back pain, or simply don’t want to perform acrobatic feats just to shave your legs, you may want to try a shaving pedestal. A shaving pedestal can make shaving in the shower a safer and more comfortable experience. Read on to learn how the GoShelf shower shelf acts as the perfect shaving pedestal and more!

Why Use a Shaving Pedestal?

For people who are pregnant or suffer from back pain or arthritis, installing a shaving pedestal or shelf is a great way to reduce unnecessary back strain. After installation, you’ll have a safer shower environment where you can shave without having to bend more than you’d like.

Why GoShelf is the Perfect Shaving Pedestal (and so much more!)

Sturdy Design

Did you know that many footrests designed for shaving aren’t actually designed to support your full bodyweight? If you were to lose your balance and put too much weight onto a flimsily designed shaving pedestal, it could result in the very slip-and-fall you were trying to avoid. The GoShelf is designed to support up to 200 lbs! You’ll never have to worry that your shelf is anything but sturdy.

Simple Installation

Our easy installation system makes the GoShelf shower shelf a snap to install on your own. Our 4-step instructions come with your GoShelf along with all the materials you’ll need to complete the installation.

Seamless Look

One of the best things about GoShelf is the seamless design. Once the shelf has been installed into your shower wall, you’ll seal it with caulk or grout creating a seamless shaving pedestal that’s easy to clean and looks like it was always meant to be there.

Stylish Options

With 11 gorgeous styles including several types of marble as well as crisp and modern single-color shelves, we have something for every shower style. Our shelves come in 7, 8 and 9-inch sizes so when you aren’t using it to shave your legs, it leaves you with plenty of room to store your shampoo.

Why Wait? Get Your GoShelf Today!

If you’re looking for a stylish and sturdy shaving pedestal, order your GoShelf today!