Install Multiple GoShelfs for Seamless Shower Shelving

shower shelving

When it comes to organization, we believe more is better! If you’ve got a shower or bath desperately in need of order, GoShelf’s unique shower shelving may be just what you’ve been looking for. Our sturdy and beautiful shelving is sure to add style and functionality to your space. Best of all, our shower shelving is so simple to install that it’s the perfect DIY project. Whether you choose to install one or several GoShelfs, you can upgrade your shower on your own in no time!

Benefits of Multiple GoShelfs

Installing multiple GoShelfs doesn’t just add a custom look to your shower, it adds a whole new level of functionality. Each person in your household can have their own designated space for toiletries so you don’t have to dig through everyone else’s shampoo and soap to find your own. And, if you’ve ever struggled to comfortably shave your legs, consider installing our shower shelving at knee-level to create the perfect leg shaving shower shelf.

Unlike other shower storage systems, GoShelf is seamlessly and securely installed into your shower wall, which means cleaning is a snap and issues like metal or plastic components rusting or breaking is a problem of the past.

Special Savings: If you order 3 or more shelves today, shipping is free!

Which Shower Shelving is Right for You?

With 11 gorgeous styles, all available in 7, 8, and 9-inch sizes, there’s a GoShelf for every bathroom. Our styles include:

  • White
  • Carrara White
  • Botticino
  • Durango Beige
  • Emperador
  • Cappuccino
  • Dark Gray
  • Light Gray
  • Silver
  • Absolute Black
  • Atlantic

To see our shower shelving in person, it’s easy to order samples!

Simple to Install Shower Shelving

Simple enough for homeowners and durable enough for professionals, everyone loves using GoShelf for their bathroom projects. Installation is completed in just 4 steps:

  1. Use the hand-held grout saw (provided with your GoShelf) to remove the existing grout
  2. Place adhesive on and insert your anchoring plates
  3. Apply glue into the channels of the GoShelf and place shelf onto anchoring plates already inserted in your wall
  4. Let the adhesive dry. Use grout or caulk to seal your shelf

If you have additional questions, more detailed instructions and pictures are available.