Quick Corner Caddy Alternative Holds Up to 200 lbs!

We can’t deny the market for corner shower shelves offers some great options, each with its own pros and cons. One of the ways our quick-install corner caddy stands out from the crowd is strength.

As you can see in our video, our corner shower caddy holds over 200 lbs! This strength is no coincidence, but a core goal in our product’s engineering. With anchor plates that insert seamlessly into the wall, the GoShelf is locked into place for the long haul.

Not only that, but with GoShelf, there is no visible means of support—meaning you get all of that durability without any unsightly plastic strips! Your shelf will look like it was built into the wall from the beginning, rather than a recent addition.

So we doubt you’ll be jumping on your GoShelf anytime soon, but there are a few benefits to having a shower shelf that’s sturdy and reliable. Count on your GoShelf to:

  • Buy all the shampoos you want. If you live in a home with lovers of shower products, this is the caddy you want in your corner! No more worries of a shelving collapse that turns your relaxing shower into a big mess. Stock up on products all you want!
  • Have a place to rest your leg. With other shower shelves, you might be wary of resting your full weight in case it can’t support you, leading to injury. But the GoShelf’s demonstrated strength means you can safely rest your leg to shave. It’s the little things, right?
  • Store your stuff without ruining the view. If you’ve spent a lot of time beautifying your bathroom, the GoShelf is the storage solution that won’t wreck the aesthetic. Finally, you can hold all the products you want without having a garish metal rack marring the beautiful stone walls of your shower.

The GoShelf installs in four simple steps:

  1. Remove the grout. Use the handheld included in the kit to remove grout. You can also use a grout saw or power oscillating tool.
  2. Glue and insert the anchor plate. Add a small amount of glue to both sides of the anchoring plate on the half that will be inserted into the wall. Push the anchor plates into the wall.
  3. Slide the GoShelf into place. Squeeze the glue into its channels of the shelf. Simply slide the shelf in place by lining up the channels on the shelf with the anchors. Push the shelf tight into the corner, flush against the walls.
  4. Finished! Allow the glue to dry completely. Clean and install grout or caulking.

Ready to Install the GoShelf?

Buy now, and we’ll ship it right to your door! What’s more, you can feel great about your purchase knowing you’re supporting a small, family-owned business. Learn a little more about the inventor of the GoShelf!