Gorgeous Travertine Corner Shower Shelf – Easy Install

travertine corner shower shelf

If you’re looking to improve the look and functionality of your travertine shower, look no further than the ultimate stone shelf system, GoShelf. GoShelf makes installing a travertine corner shower shelf the perfect do-it-yourself project because it’s easy to install, delivers a high-quality look, and is inexpensive.

Why GoShelf?

Using traditional after-market shelving in your travertine shower can be cost effective, but diminishes the high-end look of your bathroom. Hiring a contractor to install shelving produces great results, but can be invasive and costly. GoShelf offers the best of both worlds. Invented by Ian Stefenack, a contractor with 20 years of bathroom remodeling experience, the GoShelf system provides a gorgeous marble, granite or travertine corner shower shelf that you can install yourself in just minutes. Even contractors love how GoShelf makes it easier than ever to add organization and beauty to their client’s showers.

Installation in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Remove existing grout with a hand-held grout saw (included in your kit)
  2. Insert and glue the anchoring plates
  3. Add glue to the channels of your GoShelf and secure the shelf by sliding it onto the anchoring plates
  4. Allow the glue to dry, then seal your shelf with grout or caulk

Visit our site for more detailed installation instructions, including pictures.

After Installation

Once you’ve installed your GoShelf, you’ll have a beautiful travertine corner shower shelf that looks like it’s always been there. Your new GoShelf will also function better than a typical after-market shelf. First, because of its simple design, this corner shower shelf is easy to clean. Second, the GoShelf is strong, so strong that it can lend its support to someone shaving their legs or hold your heaviest toiletries. In fact, the GoShelf can hold over 200 lbs.; that’s a lot of shampoo!

Order Your GoShelf Today

If you’re ready to DIY your way to a more beautiful and functional shower space, order your travertine corner shower shelf today.