GoShelf: The Shower Ceramic Corner Shelf for Easy Install

shower ceramic corner shelfThere are lots of options out there for shower storage solutions. If you’re tired of dealing with rust, tension rods, and shower caddies, there is a better way! GoShelf is the ultimate shower ceramic corner shelf. With sturdy construction and simple installation, our shelving system can add organization to your shower quickly and easily.

How to Install Our Shower Ceramic Corner Shelf

1. Remove the Grout

Use the handheld grout saw (included in your kit) to carefully remove the grout where you’re planning to install your GoShelf. Keep your work area clean by vacuuming up any grout dust before proceeding.

2. Glue Anchoring Plates

Take your enclosed anchoring plates and use the provided adhesive to cover half of each plate. Make sure to cover both the top and bottom of the plate. Quick Tip: Make clean up even easier by lining your tub with an old towel.

3. Insert Anchor Plates

After you’ve coated your anchor plates in the adhesive, insert the glue covered portion into the wall. Make sure to space your anchoring plates evenly and ensure a snug fit into the wall.

4. Glue Channels

With the anchoring plates installed, you’ll now place the adhesive into the mounting channels of your shower ceramic corner shelf. Squeeze the glue into the channels, taking care not to get too much extra glue outside of the channels. You can use a damp rag to wipe off any excess glue.

5. Install Your GoShelf

Once the adhesive is placed into the channels, you can place your GoShelf onto the anchoring plates. Press firmly to ensure your shower ceramic corner shelf is tightly fitted into the corner of your shower stall. After the glue has dried completely, you can place a bead of caulk or grout to create an even more watertight seal.

Order Yours Today!

If you’re hoping to update your shower, ceramic corner shelf installation is a great way to go. And with GoShelf, it couldn’t be easier. We’ve got 11 beautiful styles, ranging from Carrara marble to solid black, all of which are available in 7, 8 and 9-inch sizes. Take a look at our testimonials to learn why tile professionals and DIYers all love GoShelf and order yours today!