GoShelf Is a Floating Stone Shelf You Install Yourself

floating stone shelf

Gone are the days of having to hassle with rust-prone metal shower caddies or unstable suction-on storage baskets… Now, there’s a far better option that will add dependable and attractive storage space to your shower! It’s the GoShelf, a floating stone shelf made of stone that’s thoughtfully designed for quick and easy DIY installation. Today, we’ll walk you through the process of selecting, purchasing and installing your very own customized GoShelf system. 

GoShelf Is a Floating Stone Shelf You Install Yourself

  1. Decide on your favorite style – From Carrara White to Light Travertine to Absolute Black, we have over a dozen styles to select from! Narrow it down to the ones that best coordinate with your shower, and feel free to order a three-pack of samples if you’re having trouble deciding on the winner. 
  2. Plan your layout – Once you’ve set your sights on a GoShelf color you love, it’s time to figure out how many shelves you want. Stick with a single shelf, or install a few to provide even more storage space – it’s completely up to you! FYI: A GoShelf can “float” at any grout line, with no need to remove existing wall tile.
  3. Complete the DIY install – When designing the GoShelf system, inventor Ian Stefenack aimed to make the installation process as easy as possible. He definitely accomplished his mission, as these corner shower shelves can be installed in just a few minutes by anyone with a bit of DIY determination! Simply use the tools included in the GoShelf kit and follow our detailed instructions/video tutorial (available on our website).  

Ready to learn more about the simple method you’ll follow to add each GoShelf floating stone shelf to your shower? Check out our how-to article on the four-step installation process!

Enhance Your Bathroom with Sleek, Sturdy Shelving 

If you’ve been on a quest for the ideal shower storage solution, your search is officially over since you’ve found GoShelf! Now, all that’s left to do is choose your shelf style, order your kit from our website and install it at your convenience. We’ll be here in case you need any guidance or advice along the way – feel free to get in touch with us anytime.