GoShelf: The Flat Back Corner Shower Shelf You’ve Been Looking For

flat back corner shelf

Homeowners looking to install a corner shower shelf on top of existing tile have limited options. They can either hire a contractor to remove tiles and make cuts into their walls to inlay a shelf. Or they can try to find a shelf that can be installed as an afterthought. Many homeowners turn to flat back corner shower shelves as their solution.

The Appeal of a Flat Back Corner Shower Shelf

Flat back shelves are a popular because they can be installed on existing tile. They are designed to be glued on top of a flat surface. A flat back corner shower shelf allows you to mount a shelf without any removing tiles.

Flat back shelves are held in place with glue or a combination of foam tape and silicone caulk. The appeal of a flat back shelf is that they can be easily installed without any supports.

The Problem with Flat Back Shelves

While a flat back corner shower shelf can be installed on existing tile, it’s not without its faults. Because the shelf is held in place with only adhesive, it will be prone to falling off the wall. Without brackets holding it up or inlaying it into the wall, leverage will always be working against you. Because they are held in place by adhesive only, they tend to fall off when too much weight is applied to them. One large, Costco-sized shampoo bottle could take the whole shelf down.

And while you don’t need to remove tiles to install a flat back shelf, you do need to sand the tile. In order for the glue to adhere, the surface of the tiles needs to be roughed up. The shelf will cover the scratch marks. That is, until the shelf falls off. And then you’ll not only have a corner shelf, but you’ll have permanently scratched and damaged your tiles.

GoShelf: The Flat Back Corner Shower Shelf You’ve Been Looking For

The GoShelf shower system is specifically designed to be installed on a wall that has already been tiled. This system allows you to install a stone corner shower shelf without running the risk of damaging your shower walls. There’s no need to remove or even sand tiles. And this shelf can hold over 200 lbs!

How does it work? The GoShelf locks into place using a combination of anchor plates and glue. It installs quickly and easily by removing a small amount of grout. The result is a strong and sturdy shelf that will stay in place no matter how many products you stack on it.

With the GoShelf, you have the easy installation of a flat back shelf with the strength and stability of a built-in shelf!