GoShelf: Best Stick On Shelf for Shower

stick on shelf

Are you stuck with no good place to store your soap, shampoo, conditioner and the other bars and bottles you use for your daily personal care routine in the shower? Shopping for a stick on shelf is a natural place to start to remedy this predicament. But, you shouldn’t settle for just any ordinary shelf — after all, many designs are prone to collecting mildew, sliding off the wall and other frustrating issues. Read on to learn how the GoShelf solves it all with one simple, permanent storage solution

GoShelf: Best Stick On Shelf for Shower

What makes GoShelf different from (and better than) other shower storage options currently available on the market today? Here are a few features we’re proud to highlight:

  • You can hang a GoShelf at any horizontal grout line, in any corner of your shower. This translates to the freedom to place storage exactly where you need it in your shower, along with the ability to create your own customized storage system composed of however many shelves you desire.
  • In order to deliver results that last for the long term, our installation process uses strong glue to anchor the GoShelf channel into the wall, keeping it dependably in place over time. If your storage needs evolve, you can always add more shelving with this reliable, versatile system.

Seeing as it’s proven to support upwards of 200 pounds, you can rest assured that this stick on shelf isn’t going anywhere! This is something that can’t be said about the average suction-on shelf or basket. 

Discover the Beauty of a GoShelf for Yourself

As you can see, the GoShelf goes far beyond the norm in terms of innovation and functionality. All the while, it’s a stunning addition to any shower, with a wide range of stone varieties available to complement your wall tile color.

Speaking of your shower wall tile, our grout-anchored system is designed to protect it from damage both during and after your DIY installation. To learn more and get started with a GoShelf kit of your own, head over to our online store now.