The GoShelf Method: #1 Shower Shelves for Tile

shower shelves for tile

In our homes, we don’t always realize right away what we’ll want or need to maximize the functionality of our living spaces. A great example is shower shelving. Using your shower regularly is the only way to truly know where it would be most convenient and effective to have a storage system. Luckily, our shower shelves for tile are made to be installed at any point, even after the tile has been grouted. Keep reading to learn more about the inventive GoShelf process and why it works so well.

The GoShelf Method: #1 Shower Shelves for Tile

Upon deciding that shelving would enhance your already tiled shower, you may be stumped about how to make it happen without undertaking a messy, risky tile removal project. 

This is exactly the situation that Isabel from Islamorada, FL faced when she discovered GoShelf. Using this solution, she was able to elevate her tile shower with our Wooden White shelves — a 9” shelf on top for larger items like shampoo, with an 8” shelf below for smaller shower must-haves like bar soap. 

Here’s how she did it:

  1. Choosing the best shelf variety for her unique shower — just look at that seamless match pictured at the top of this blog! 
  2. Carefully measuring and removing grout for the four wall anchoring plates, as directed in our thorough instructions, at the corner/height of her choosing.
  3. Applying adhesive to the wall anchoring plates, one by one, and inserting them into the spaces made in the grout.
  4. Putting adhesive on the GoShelf channel, lining it up with the anchoring plates and sliding the shelf into place. 

Isabel followed this simple method for each of the two shower shelves for tile she purchased from us online, allowing her to transform her shower in mere minutes!

See the GoShelf Difference

As Isabel’s success story shows, GoShelf installation is within reach for any eager DIY enthusiast! So, what are you waiting for? Stop settling for inferior shower storage products and invest in a value-adding system you’ll love for many years to come. 

Go ahead and order your GoShelf kit, or request a sample pack to confirm your decision. We’ll be here to offer guidance at any point, if needed!