You’ll Love Our Cappuccino Shelf for Showers & Baths – Easy Install!

cappuccino shelfOne of our most versatile shelves is our cappuccino shelf  it’s great for so many bath and shower styles! Whether you want it to blend in with your current neutral tile or have it stand out against a bright white wall, the cappuccino GoShelf will look great and install easily. Read on to learn more about our shelves. Then, order yours today!

What Makes GoShelf Stand Out?

The four features that make GoShelf stand out from other shower shelves are our simple installation, great pricing, unsurpassed quality, and timeless style.

Simple Installation
With an easy 4-step process, GoShelf is a cinch to install! The instructions are included in your kit that provides everything you need to install your cappuccino shelf. This project is great for DIYers and tile contractors alike. 

Great Pricing
Our shelves are made of the highest-quality materials, but since you can install it on your own, this high-end look won’t break the bank. The cappuccino shelf is available in 7, 8, or 9-inch sizes and costs between $54.95-$64.95, depending on the size you pick. Don’t forget to take advantage of our limited-time offer – free shipping when you order 3 or more shelves.

Unsurpassed Quality
Each and every one of our shelves is made of durable and beautiful stone of the highest quality. Our easy installation method ensures that your new shelf will blend beautifully with your existing tile and will stand the test of time. Plus, the GoShelf is so strong, it’ll hold up to 200 lbs!

Timeless Style
Our gorgeous cappuccino shelf has a warm tan base with both dark brown and milky-white veining throughout. Because of its classic style, the GoShelf will be a beautiful addition to your bathroom for years to come.

How to Install Your GoShelf

1. Grout Removal
Remove the grout in between the tiles where you plan to install your shower shelf. Vacuum afterward to keep your workspace tidy.

2. Prepare Your Anchoring Plates
Cover half of each anchoring plate in the provided adhesive, ensuring both the top and bottom of the plates are covered.

3. Insert Anchor Plates into Wall
Place the glue-covered portions of the anchoring plates into your wall where you’ve removed the grout. Space the plates evenly and make sure they fit snugly into your wall.

4. Add Glue to Channels
Use the remaining glue to fill the channels of your GoShelf. Apply the adhesive carefully and try to avoid overfilling the channels. Use a damp rag to remove any excess glue.

5. Install Your GoShelf
Now, install your cappuccino shelf. Ensure your shelf is securely placed in the corner of your shower or bath. After the glue has dried, add a bead of caulk or grout to make a watertight seal.

Get Your Cappuccino Shelf Today!

Now that you know what sets GoShelf apart, order yours today!