Building a Shower Shelf is Easy with GoShelf – Learn More

Shower shelves dramatically decrease the amount of clutter in your shower. With a shower shelf, you can neatly and attractively display your hygiene products.

However, some individuals shy away from building a shower shelf. They’re afraid of damaging their tile and grout, installing the shelf incorrectly, or attempting to maneuver cumbersome specialty tools (like tile cutters).

GoShelf offers a solution to these shower-shelf struggles. 

With GoShelf, building a shower shelf is quick, easy, and painless. GoShelf can be installed in a few easy steps—and without damaging your tile and grout. Best of all, it comes in twelve beautiful stone colors to match any aesthetic.

Here are the simple steps to adding a GoShelf to your shower:

Installing a GoShelf: three easy steps

Most shelves require extensive tile cutting, grout removal, and more. Building a shower shelf with GoShelf is as easy as one, two, three!

  1. Remove a small amount of grout.
  2. Insert the GoShelf anchoring plates.
  3. Slide the shelf into the wall and caulk around it.

If you change your mind about your GoShelf, just remove the shelf and re-grout the area. You’ll never know it was there!

Making the most of your GoShelf

Once you’ve installed your GoShelf, you can start organizing it with all the products that bring you joy in the bath or shower!

A few of our clients’ favorite items to include on their shelf:

  • Bath salts
  • Mud scrubs
  • A wine glass
  • Kids’ bath toys and soaps
  • Face masks
  • Plants
  • Specialty shampoos
  • And more!

Once you see how easy building a shower shelf is with GoShelf, you’ll likely want to add one or two more shelves. And why not? Additional shower shelves can make your daily routine simpler, your shower more organized, and your life a little happier.

The difficulty of installing other types of shower shelves

We created the GoShelf because we realized there weren’t many simple, high-quality shower shelf solutions out there. 

GoShelf is less expensive than a built-in nook and installs in a single afternoon. Unlike ceramic shelves, it won’t fall off your wall mid-shower or damage your tile. GoShelf holds up to 200 pounds and comes in a variety of stone styles.

Contact us today to learn more about what GoShelf can do for you!