Easy Install Shower Accessories Corner Shelf: The GoShelf System

shower accessories corner shelf

When it comes to the most practical and stylish shower accessories, corner shelf systems top the list! Particularly GoShelf stone corner shelves, a DIY-friendly system famed for being stunning, versatile, easy to clean and reliable, all at once. So you can see just how simple it is, let’s walk through the four-step process to install a GoShelf. 

Easy Install Shower Accessories Corner Shelf: The GoShelf System

For those in search of the most useful and beautiful shower accessories, corner shelf configurations featuring GoShelf are the way to go! Whether you stick with a single shelf or build a multi-tiered shelving system, these high-quality floating stone shelves are your best bet from both a simplicity and longevity standpoint. 

As promised, here’s your quick and easy installation overview:

  1. Carefully measure and mark the four spots where you’ll need to cut the grout for your GoShelf wall anchoring plates.
  2. Use the handheld grout saw that comes in the GoShelf kit or an oscillating power tool of your choice to remove the grout. 
  3. One at a time, dampen each anchoring plate, add a small amount of glue to both sides (on the half that goes into the wall) and insert them.
  4. Squeeze some glue into the GoShelf channel, line it up with the anchoring plates and push it firmly until it’s snug against the walls.

It’s as simple as that! To see a full how-to guide complete with tips and tricks for each step, click over to the instructions page on our website. There’s even a video tutorial!

Enhance Your Custom GoShelf System with a Handy-Dandy Loofah Holder 

To make our extraordinary shower shelves even more functional, we offer a loofah holder accessory that can be easily added on. Simply install the loofah holder into the pre-drilled hole using a Phillips head screwdriver, and you’ll be all set to store your loofah in an accessible place where it can dry between uses! To get going on the process of personalizing your GoShelf system, head over to our website now and explore the many different shelf styles we offer.