What to Do With a Large Shower Niche: Ideas from GoShelf

Large Shower Niche

A recessed shower niche is like a little cubby in your shower wall, usually for the purpose of easy storage for shampoo, soap, etc. But what happens if your large shower niche is SO large that you place a few things in it, and then run out of room. What happens with all that wasted space at the top? 

Adding shelving to your recessed shower niche can help solve your storage problems AND make your shower more organized and stylish. GoShelf is a great way to add shelving to a shower that’s already tiled, whether it’s in a shower niche or not. 

Why We Love The GoShelf for Large Shower Niche

A large shower niche can be a hassle if there isn’t a way to stack your shower items neatly. That’s where the GoShelf comes in. Simply add the GoShelf system to the corners of your large recessed shower niche and boom–instant shelving!

One of the best parts of GoShelf is how easy it is to install. It can be done by a contractor, or even DIY if you have a few hours to spare. Detailed instructions can be found here, but generally, installation is done in about four steps.

  1. Mark the tile or grout where you’d like your GoShelf to float. Using a grout saw (the GoShelf kit includes one!), saw into the marked area.
  2. Apply adhesive to the wall anchoring plates and place them into the grout.
  3. Apply adhesive to the channel on the GoShelf then slide into place on the wall anchoring plates.
  4. Wipe off any excess glue and allow to dry for 2-3 hours before use.

What Do People Say About the GoShelf System?

The feedback we hear most often is that users are always surprised how durable and solid the GoShelf feels once installed. It can hold quite a bit of weight! For a product so affordable and easy to install, it looks and feels tremendously sturdy.

“I love doing projects in my home. I have a niche in my shower, but needed more storage space. Impossible with what is on the market that would look good, then I found GoShelf.Easy installation, color matches my tile and it looks like it’s floating. Try this system you will be glad you did. Beautiful.” — Colette Thomas