Beautiful Corner Shelf Shower Caddy: The GoShelf System

corner shelf shower caddy

In the modern day, there’s no need to settle for a less-than-ideal shower storage product. Thanks to the seamless design of the GoShelf corner shelf shower caddy, a storage system that’s equal parts stunning and reliable is achievable in any size shower. Best of all, installing this solution is a simple DIY job that doesn’t involve removing tile or damaging your shower. If your interest has been piqued and you’re ready to learn more about the advantages of switching to a GoShelf corner shelf shower caddy, just keep reading!

GoShelf vs. The Other Options: How GoShelf Wins in Every Category

Conventional over-the-shower-head caddies and suction-on shelves are marketed as being simple, space-saving shower storage options. But let’s face it: These products have some serious flaws. Here’s how the GoShelf system solves common shower storage worries and beats the competition in all categories:

  • Stability – Four wall anchoring plates and strong adhesive work together to make the GoShelf the sturdiest shower solution on the market. Once it has been mounted onto the shower wall and the glue has dried, the GoShelf can easily hold up to 200 pounds. In other words, there’s no need to worry about it sliding around or falling down – ever!
  • Style – Available in a plethora of different styles, the GoShelf can mesh with virtually any shower style. Your guests are sure to be impressed by how professional and clean your corner shelf shower caddy looks. They might even think it was custom made just for your shower!
  • Longevity – Made of ceramic, the GoShelf is easy to clean and won’t rust like some other shower caddies. You can count on it to look great for many years to come as it continues to keep your shower beautifully organized.

Ready to learn how to mount a GoShelf to an existing tiled shower wall? Check out our written instructions & how-to video for a detailed look at the easy-to-follow process.

Organize Your Shower Products in Style with GoShelf

When creating the GoShelf, we considered it all – function, aesthetics, convenience and ease of installation. Eager to see for yourself why this corner shelf shower caddy system brings in rave reviews? Head over to our online store to browse our extensive selection and order samples of your favorite styles!