Easy, Seamless Stick On Corner Shower Caddy – GoShelf

stick on corner shower caddy

Having an efficient and reliable shower storage system will make a major difference in your daily routine. When your toiletries aren’t competing for space in the shower, it’s so much easier to keep them organized. By investing in a stick on corner shower caddy such as a GoShelf, you’ll save time and hassle each day.

As compared to a wire organizer that goes over the shower head, the GoShelf is far more sleek and finished looking. Instead of appearing as if it was added on as an afterthought, this stylish shower organization system is designed to look like it was part of the shower all along. So, how do you install a corner shower cubby shelf from GoShelf in your shower? Keep reading to find out!

Easy, Seamless Installation Process for Stick On Corner Shower Caddy

If your shower could use some extra storage space, simply follow these steps to add a GoShelf in no time:

  1. Using a tape measure and pencil, carefully mark the four places where grout needs to be removed for insertion of the GoShelf wall anchoring plates
  2. Cut the four holes for the anchoring plates using the hand-held grout saw included in the GoShelf kit
  3. Add a small amount of glue to each plate & insert them into the wall one by one
  4. Once the anchoring plates are inserted, add glue to the GoShelf channel & stick it onto the wall, using the plates as a guide for shelf positioning

After you’ve completed these four straightforward steps, be sure to wait at least 2-3 hours before placing any items on your GoShelf. This will allow time for the glue to dry completely and ensure that the shelf is totally sturdy!

There’s a GoShelf Style for Every Shower – Shop Now!

With 15 different styles and 3 sizes to choose from, the GoShelf is a revolutionary solution designed to suit any shower. How will you use innovative GoShelf technology to heighten your shower’s style and function? Browse our selection today to discover a stick on corner shower caddy that will look sensational in your shower!