GoShelf™: Wall Mounted Shower Shelves You Install Yourself

Have you ever tried to DIY a bathroom renovation? If you have, you can empathize with the fact that it can turn out to be tedious, often requiring hours of labor-intensive work, as well as a lot of money. 

GoShelf, on the other hand, is an easy project that can be done by homeowner or contractor. It’s an affordable way to add a seamless,  professional-looking wall mounted shower shelf on an already tiled shower wall. Choose from our large inventory of colors and materials, and order the installation kit with everything you need to complete the job!

wall mounted shower shelf

Why Choose Wall Mounted Shower Shelves by GoShelf™?

We may be slightly biased, but we think there are a number of advantages to using the GoShelf system.

  • It is an innovative product. There’s nothing quite like GoShelf on the market–it blends with the already tiled wall, it’s reasonably-priced and easy to install.
  • It looks professional. Even if you aren’t a skilled contractor by trade, GoShelf is not a complicated system to install. We explain the simple four-step process on our site.
  • It’s high-quality. The GoShelf system comes in several material choices, but each is equally durable and well-made. Other wall mounted shower shelves can be described as “flimsy” or “cheap”, but not GoShelf! Read our reviews to learn more about what people thought of the quality.

Finding The Perfect Fit For Your Bathroom

Trust us—finding the right shower shelf can be extremely difficult after the shower has already been tiled. Many homeowners who aren’t aware of the GoShelf system may even retile their entire shower just to add the shelves! 

Instead of visiting place after place to find the right color and shape for your shower, browse our products and colors, order a sample to ensure it’s the right fit, and then install. We even give you 45 days after your purchase to return the system and get a full refund—that’s how much we know you’ll love it!