Sparkle White


Sparkle White is a man-made composite stone material, it’s color is a soft off white tone with subtle white specks or sparkles littered through it.

The GoShelf is a stone corner shelf installation system which allows someone to install a stone corner shelf onto grouted or non-grouted tiled walls. The standard stone shelf has been modified by cutting a 1/16”- 3/32” wide x 1”-2” deep channel at or close to the center of the shelf, which then allows the mounting plates to slide into the channel of the stone shelf, you also must be able to slide the mounting plates into the wall, by removing enough grout or material so the mounting plates can easily fit half way into the wall. The use of glue is required for the mounting plates and shelf to be permanently anchored to the wall.

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7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches